Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 6

Aug. 18, 2015

Today we found several dolphins scattered around the Virginia Beach area, including a few surprise ones.  We found 2 more of the 5 STIHL dolphins.  If you remember, we already found one at the Viking Dr. (Lynnhaven Pkwy.) location, but could not get to it very well because it was behind the gated compound.  Today, while driving around, we stumbled on 2 more at 2 different STIHL locations - one gated and one not.  The gated one we were not allowed access to see up close (I asked); the other we were able to see with no trouble.  Here are the ones we found today:

 Lynnhaven Dive Center - 1413 N. Great Neck Rd.
 Sentara Virginia Beach General - 1060 First Colonial Rd.
 Linkhorn Park Elementary - 977 First Colonial Rd.
 up close of Linkhorn Park Elementary - it is covered in coins
 Just George's/Captain George's - 1956 Laskin Rd.
 STIHL 425 London Bridge Rd.
 1337 Taylor Farm Rd.
 STIHL 2692 International Pkwy. - gated - this is as close as we could get
 up close of gated STIHL dolphin
 Corporate Landing Middle School
 1 of 4 dolphins at the VA Aquarium
 2 of 4 dolphins at the VA Aquarium
3 of 4 dolphins at the VA Aquarium 
4 of 4 dolphins at the VA Aquarium
508 N. Birdneck Rd.

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